Google Working On New Battery Technology For Future Smartphone

Google working on improving better battery power technology for future.Google team is working on improving battery performance in mainly focusing on lithium-ion technology. Stanford University claimed to have develop an aluminium-ion battery. The company hope to increase the battery power of smartphone, and gadgets with new technology.

Google Working On Improving New Battery Technology For Future

After a year looking the possibilities of battery technology that the search giant could develop on its own. In a February presentation to an industry conference Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj described  to solid-state batteries could be use in smartphone and gadgets. Google are working with Chicago based AllCell Technology LLC on more batteries for four hardware projects.

Google Working On Improving New Battery Technology For Future

It is not only Google focusing on improving the beater  battery power. Google joins many technology companies trying to improving batteries performance including Other company Apple, Tesla Motors and International Business Machines Crop are also working on the project improving battery power technology. Google is reportedly improving battery power technology  for its future technology and gadgets. Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj team is being led by former by Apple battery expert.

Google working on beater battery life Technology

 The Google company is working on beater battery performance. It has assembled a four person team of researcher. The team is a part of Google X team, the same branch of Google which takes part in other project such as Google car and project Loon. Google is recent year has moves into industries like transportation, health care, robotics and communication. Google’s Chief Executive to analysts in 2013 that battery life  poor for smartphone with real potential to invent new and better experience for new beater battery performance technology.

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